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Social Media Facts for Food Industry- 


88% people read reviews before ordering.


80%-90% Food industry related apps and websites have social media presence for more traffic.


An optimized online profile of the food industry platforms gains more trust from the audience


More offers, more sale and more returned customers.



Food joints can be benefit by Us in below manner-


  • We can spread your menu and chef special dishes online
  • Dish of the week/dish of the week month campaign
  • Foodie of the month campaign 
  • Promoting promotional offers like coupen/free meals/free drinks etc
  • Instagram spciall marketing 
  • Promote loyality program 
  • Increase Sales and Online Orders
  • Promote delivery phone number 
  • Local SEO/Promotions on Google location. 
  • Reviews Campaigns 


Past Clients-


Bars, Pubs and Fine Dine Restaurants 

Food Courts 

Local  Delivery Joints 

Home Chefs

Bakery and 

Reaching Food Bloggers 

Grocery Stores

What we offer-