The year 2020 is just a few days away and every industry is preparing to take its business ahead through various means. The education industry is also not behind from taking the active steps to market its services. 

The same age-old techniques of marketing such as brochures and pamphlets seem to have reduced its popularity in the educational field. It is time when the colleges and universities have to find the latest ways to market their courses. So, this article will highlight the new marketing techniques that will come in the year 2020.


1. Mobile-friendly websites 

Today, the world runs with the help of mobile phones. You can perform even the biggest task on small smartphones. Educational institutions hire experienced web developers that help in creating engaging websites. Students can choose the different courses from the websites according to their qualifications and complete online formalities.  


2. Live videos 

Videos have not only taken a special place in the corporate world but also in the educational marketing field. Schools and universities are now organizing live events and seminars to attract more students for the new courses.

Many universities use Facebook and YouTube for live streaming. They take online classes and lectures. 


3. Voice assistants work 

How amazing it is when someone speaks exactly the thing you want! Voice assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Echo give you the information for your search results. These voice assistants work well when your website has good rankings. 


4. Influencer marketing 

The next powerful marketing technique that works in the educational field is Influencer marketing. However, this method is also prevailing in other areas. These days, the schools, colleges and universities choose famous persons and celebrities to market their services. 

The word of mouth marketing is one of the best ways to spread the message and increase brand awareness.


5. Powerful content 

Content marketing is a much wider field than you think. It is beyond mere emails and messages. You can think of unique ways to attract students. It is important you personalize the messages to attract the students.

The other way to attract the students is to send the relevant links. In this manner, they cannot ignore the content and take interest to know about your institution, school, and colleges.