FMCG sectors keep on increasing day by day in countries like India. They form the base of
national development in a country. With the rise in FMCG industries, the need to market the
latest products becomes more important.
In any FMCG sector, it is crucial to reach the audience. You need to advertise the food items
and other products effectively. There are various marketing strategies that can increase the
sales of FMCG sectors.

1. Blogs
The first way to attract customers is to start blogging. You can post regular blogs and articles on
the official website about your products, its uses, advantages, and prices.
Blogs will cover all the important points for the ease of the customers. Apart from that, good
quality blogs will also help to build a good image in the e-commerce world. The high-quality
blogs increase the traffic to your website.

2. Video channels
Videos are used by more than 70% of companies to market the products and services. It is just
so easy to show a product, item or service through videos. Most of the FMCG companies today
rely on YouTube and Facebook videos to display their products.
Further, the companies show the use of the products. The customers find photos, images, and
videos more fascinating. Most of the companies post interactive videos that create interest in
the customers.

3. Paid search advertisement
Startups choose paid search advertising techniques for promoting their products. Most of the
companies use keywords to target specific products. The customers then easily find the
products with the help of keywords.
Google AdWords and Bing Ads use the cost-per-click model for increasing traffic. FMCG
companies use these networks to make beautiful ads and reach regular audiences.
Paid search advertising is one of the most affordable marketing strategies for FMCGs. The
companies have to pay only when the customers click on the ads.

4. Social media sites

You cannot deny that social media platform is the nerve of any industry in the current times.
Whether you want to sell a toothbrush or cupcakes, you need to become an active user of
social media sites.
Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook provide a new horizon to the
companies to grow. More than 3 billion people in the world use social media sites. Your
products will get more views by creating ads on social media sites.

5. Chatbots
Gone are the days when the companies used to promote the products through emails or text
messages. Now, it is the time when chatbots will answer all your queries. Artificial Intelligence
entry made a huge difference in the FMCG sector from past years.
Chatbots interact with the customers and solve the confusion. They feel like the real person is
talking in the messenger.

6. Events and concerts
This is one of the best ways to market products. You can put hoardings of your companies
during sporting events, concerts and shows. It is also a cost-effective method of advertisement
as you need to pay a small amount to the organizers.
The banners, signs and booths will catch the eye of all the customers. In this way, startups can
increase their sales.

7. Email marketing
If you want to find a better marketing strategy at a low cost for your startups, you can draft an
email. It is one of the best and simplest ways to attract customers. You can attach images and
videos and guides in an email to make them more attractive. This will engage your audience in
the emails and they will step forward to buy your products.

What are some innovative marketing strategies for FMCG startups?