Digital Marketing Solution for IT Service & Product Compnies


Outsourcing is a keyword for IT ecosystem across the world. Within IT ecosystem primarily we have two sets of companies Product based companies or Service based companies. So most of Product companies are either building products for themselves or their clients. Similarly most of service based companies are providing IT services to their clients. These clients are the global ones who outsource product development or product/ project maintenance. This is basically to optimise cost. Now its very important to these IT services or Product companies to have a digital presence since they are targeting global clients. Digital marketing plays an important  role as for all your customers; website is the first point of contact. To get a relevant lead to the website first you need to target relevant keyword backed up with relevant content. Thats where SEO/SEM helps you get relevant visitors organically. We also have paid tools like PPC where once can get paid traffic to their website.



At Ehashtech we specialize in striking the balance between organic and paid traffic. This enables our clients to maximize their ROI per visitor. We also go one step further and provide email marketing/ campaign management to our clients. This help them targeting a more concentrated base which result in high conversions. Our team has relevant experience in undertaking and delivering high conversions across geographies. We work round the clock to support our clients from all the time zones.