Industries we cater:

World is going global and the advent of the internet made this possible. Whole game of marketing and targeting has been changed. All the Industries is looking to break geographical boundaries and trying to reach to their customers across the world. Digital marketing has become a way of life for all marketers.  Search engines and social media has become the tool of targeting your prospects. Keywords and Contents is the new king through which one can target the right set of customers.



We at Ehashtech understand the need of different industries. Through our diverse team we have a deep understanding of each domain. Which help us devise right kind of digital marketing strategy across Industries. Our team get into deep discussions with the clients to understand the goal of each assignment. Which help us formulate a right balance of each of the tools (SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC, etc.) of Digital marketing. 


  •  Digital Marketing Agency for Healthcare
  •  Digital Marketing Agency for Construction & real estate
  •  Digital Marketing Agency for Entertainment & Artists industry
  •  Digital Marketing Agency for  Education industry
  •  Digital Marketing Agency for Salon & Spa
  •  Digital Marketing Agency for  Food & Beverage
  •  Digital Marketing Agency for  Interior Designers
  •  Digital Marketing Agency  for  Nonprofits
  •  Digital Marketing Agency for  Retails & E-Commerce
  •  Digital Marketing Agency for  Tourism & Hospitality industry
  •  Digital Marketing Agency for  Startups
  •  Digital Marketing Agency for  IT Software- Sector
  •  Digital Marketing Agency  for  Fashion Designers 




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